Welcome to the third season of the 2021 Good Games Championships! 

You have battled through the frozen lands of Kaldheim, done your homework through Strixhaven, and now you must Venture into the Dungeon for Adventure into the Forgotten Realms Season.

Have you got an Urge to Feed and a Discerning Taste? Maybe you have an Appetite for Brains or you’ve come to love the Taste of Blood? Either way, I hope you’ve worked up a Vicious Hunger for a Ghoul’s Feast, because today we’ve got a delicious recipe fresh from Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar’s Underworld Cookbook.

Week two of Modern Horizons 2 on Magic Online is in the books and the format is looking even crazier than last week. The latest deck dump is showing hundreds of different decks going 5-0, dozens of entirely new decks, and powerful new upgrades to existing decks.

Often disregarded as a novelty tribe, squirrels were once the scourge of Magic.

Modern Horizons 2 hit shelves today, and there are a LOT of goodies. 

Let’s break down the implications of these new cards and reprints and take a peek into what the future of Modern can hold!