Welcome to the Fourth and final season of this year’s Good Games Championships! 


We are currently experiencing lockdowns in several areas in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check with your local store if they are open for events and when their events are taking place. Player and Staff wellbeing is paramount to us and each store will do its best to have events run. If events do need to be cancelled due to lockdowns, they may be made up throughout the season, please speak with your local store to check on events.

There are no changes to the final season of this years Good Games Championships other than some stores may not be able to run events due to the Covid-19 Lockdowns. Please discuss this with your local store.

Season Dates: Monday September 27th through to Sunday November 7th

Season Championships Dates: Saturday 20th or Sunday 21st November

You will find all Good Games Championship events on our Events Calendar page here




Each week of the season, your local Good Games store can run 1 Seasonal Championship Qualifier (for a total of 6 events per season). 

The Seasonal Championship Qualifiers can be any of the following formats, chosen by the store: 




Sealed Deck

Booster Draft

Australian 7-point Highlander or ‘7PH’


Entry Fees & Prizes

Constructed Entry Fees & Prizes: $15 Entry and $15 in retail value per player added to a pool

Sealed and Booster Draft Entry Fees & Prizes: Check with your local store. 

The top 4 of each of these events will also qualify for the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Season Championships

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt sEASON CHAMPIONSHIPS

At the end of the season, each store will run a Seasonal Championship.

This event is only open to those who qualified in the 6 events prior, so will have a player maximum of 24. 

Like the Qualifier events, the format of the Seasonal Championship will be chosen by the store. These events will have a slightly higher entry fee, and offer the following prize support: 

Constructed Entry Fees & Prizes: $25 Entry and $25 in retail value per player added to a pool

Sealed and Booster Draft Entry Fees & Prizes: Check with your local store 

The top 8 players from the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Season Championship event will qualify for the end of year Store Championships Event!

In addition, we are sending out to each participating store an Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Season Championships Kit, which will contain additional prize support to add to your stores prize pool! If you happen to make the Top4 of one of our Season Championships, you will receive this play mat in addition to other prizes.




The Good Games Store Championships event will be held on the weekend of 27th and 28th November in all of our stores (Subject to Covid-19 restrictions, please see your local store.)

This is your chance to be immortalised on the Good Games Championship trophy at your favourite Good Games store!

Like the other events in this series, the format of each of the Good Games Store Championships will be decided by each individual store.

This event is only open to top 8 competitors of the Good Games Seasonal Championship, which will cap this event at 32.