The second Kaldheim Seasonal Qualifier at Good Games Cannington is done and dusted and they now have 4 more players qualified for their Kaldheim Season Championships in April!

The Good Games Championship 2021 kicked off this week, and Good Games Maitland was hot out of the gate with the first event in the entire season! 

“A hot, stinging air assaults your senses. The city street in which you stand is lines with buildings that are crumbling, if not already collapsed. The ground shudders beneath your feet. In the red, smoky sky, a 400-foot-diameter sphere of darkness discharges stroke soft bluish-white lightning that strike the city at irregular intervals. Perched atop a distant bluff, overlooking the rest of the city, is a crumbling fortress.”

- Chapter 2: Elturel Has Fallen

Last weekend saw the 52nd annual GenCon descend upon the quaint little middle American town of Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Getting to Mythic on Arena is not easy; it’s a journey that takes time, energy, and preparation.